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…step by step, saving lives, one less slip at a time!


Slip and falls can happen to anyone and at anytime. You may know a friend or even a family member that has suffered from this unfortunate, and many times, unnecessary tragedy.

Global Safe Technologies Inc. is a world leader in anti-slip floor care safety. We’ve created state of the art products and techniques to provide the methods and the solutions for the prevention of slip and fall accidents. We have an association of floor safety professionals we call the Global Floor Safety Network “GFSN”, with representatives in regions throughout the United States, Canada, and SE Asia.

Accidents from slips and falls are now at epidemic proportions and are literally hurting us all. Incredibly, slip and fall accidents are a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR per year problem. SLIPSTOPPERS™ has been mobilized to help address and combat this very serious issue.

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Cleaning off the factory floor
  • SLIPSTOPPERS™ is a public awareness program that we want you to proudly participate in.
  • SLIPSTOPPERS™ will help create the awareness and the prevention of slip and fall accidents.
  • SLIPSTOPPERS™ will inform and educate the general public on the seriousness of slip and fall accidents.
  • SLIPSTOPPERS™ is much like CRIMESTOPPERS, however, instead of reporting a crime or criminal, a person will be able to report a potential slip and fall hazard and location.

SLIPSTOPPERS™ will include representatives from Global Safe Technologies Inc. and its GFSN, as well as concerned Health Care Workers, Medical Doctors, Firefighters, Politicians, Retail Businesses, Seniors Associations, and concerned citizens like you within each community.

  1. Global Safe Technologies Inc., a company dedicated to Floor Care Safety and the prevention of slip and fall accidents, is the originator of SLIPSTOPPERS™.
  2. Global Safe Technologies Inc. has gathered and documented very disturbing statistics, which show slip and fall accidents are on the rise, and in fact are now the second leading cause of accidental deaths in North America, after automobile accidents.
  3. The average person is generally unaware of, or poorly informed about, potential slip-fall hazards, both in their home and at work.
  4. SLIPSTOPPERS™ was established to help address these issues..
  1. Along with the leadership of Global Safe Technologies Inc. and its Global Floor Safety Network, you will become a strong voice in the community, to help address and prevent many of these slip and fall hazards that are currently facing most of us out there today.
  2. To help us fight this out of control dilemma, SLIPSTOPPERS™ members can also help encourage and support other people and businesses within their community to join our growing SLIPSTOPPERS™ program.
  3. For the total amount of $65.00, you will become a proud SLIPSTOPPERS™ member. You will also receive various promotional items, including an identifying membership sticker, a commemorative SLIPSTOPPERS™ pen, GFSN “Stop Slipping! brochures, and an authentic SLIPSTOPPERS™ membership certificate.
  4. In addition, if you tell a friend or family member about SLIPSTOPPERS™, and they become a SLIPSTOPPERS™ member, we will then pay you an appreciative $10.00 referral fee.
  5. With your generous participation of $65.00, you will become a SLIPSTOPPERS™ Lifetime Member and YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
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