Global Safe Technologies Inc.


  • Safe Solution® Residential Bathtub DIY Kit

    Everything needed to do treat 1 bathtub job is included in the polypak package. It takes approximately 10 minutes per bathtub.
  • Safe Solution® ~ TRES™ – Anti-Slip Traction Restoring & Enhancing System™

    Is a proven anti-slip treatment system designed to enhance the traction on hard mineral surfaces such as ceramic tile, quarry tile, porcelain tile, and concrete. TRES™ creates invisible, microscopic channels that disperse oils and water from underfoot ensuring contact with the surface at all times.
  • ProCal 21™

    Is a superior calcium, lime, and efflorescence remover to other products on the market. ProCal 21™ removes hard mineral deposit build-up on ceramic tile surfaces, especially on pool surrounds. Also removes calcium and lime efflorescence build-up from brick.
  • CRS™ Cleaning & Rejuvenation System™

    Is a specialized cleaning system, designed to revitalize and rejuvenate extremely dirty surfaces by penetrating and removing years of hardened grime, chemical, and soil build-up making the surface look like new. CRS™ is also used as a follow-up traction rejuvenator for all Safe Solution® Anti-Slip TRES™ protected surfaces. Don’t replace, Rejuvenate!
  • Clean Step™

    Is a superior multipurpose cleaner, degreaser, and sanitizer, designed to optimally maintain the properties of the Safe Solution® anti-slip treated surface as well as handle the toughest everyday commercial and residential cleaning. Clean Step™ is a cost effective alternative to stocking and using multiple cleaners.
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