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Do you want to add excellent revenues to your existing business or perhaps be your own boss, set your own hours, and keep the profit from your hard work?

You’re not alone. There are so many people like you who are struggling to make ends meet working to make someone else rich. Isn’t it time that you took control of your own financial future and worked for yourself?

Now, with the Global Floor Safety Network’s ‘GFSN’ unique business opportunity, you can! Gone are the days of having to wake up at 7 am to get ready to work and be there when you’re told and for how long you’re told so you can keep your paycheck coming in.

With this incredible business opportunity, you’ll be able to set your own hours, work wherever you want, and be your own boss for the first time in your life!

And the floor safety specialists at Global Floor Safety Network are making it easier than ever to create a full-time income working your own hours. We provide you with all the tools you need to succeed, exceptional sales and marketing programs that connect you with the contractors and customers searching for our products and services in your area, and more!

These superior products and applications thereof are government approved, and together, they make a Winning Combination.

When you join our GFSN, you’re joining the flooring revolution!

Global Safe Technologies Inc. is a world leader in flooring safety. In association with our GFSN Associates, we are proud to partner to provide the ultimate in Anti-Slip Floor Care Safety.

Our primary product, the Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment, dramatically increases the Coefficient-of-Friction on hard mineral surface flooring (e.g., ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and granite floors) and steel enamel bathtubs, to make them less slippery, especially when soaking wet! Treatment with Safe Solution® microscopically and invisibly change the surface characteristics of these structures to produce the desired anti-slip effect.

Our Safe Solution® product is not a surface coating. You cannot see, but you certainly can feel the difference! There remains no unsightly alteration of your beautiful floor or tub appearance. Safe Solution® and our Clean Step™ multipurpose cleaner is ideal for commercial applications such as in hotels and restaurants… anywhere a potential slip and fall accident can occur. Safe Solution provides the ultimate anti-slip protection. Safe Solution® has even been used at the bottom of swimming pools to help prevent slips on these permanently wet surfaces. There is no coating on the market that produces the same effect as the floor safety products from Global Floor Safety Network!


Write your own story by becoming a GFSN Business Owner today!


This incredible opportunity to create a life you love while working for yourself is thanks to the profitable turn-key product and equipment package we offer at Global Floor Safety Network! You’ll have access to a comprehensive library of resources designed to equip you with everything you need to create your own business and write your own paycheck.

Isn’t it time that you stopped working on someone else’s terms and set your own hours?

With your own Global Floor Safety Network Business, you’ll be able to do all of that and more! This one-of-a-kind and limited-time special offer is too good to pass up! And you’ll want to sign up now before it’s too late!

When you join our GFSN today, you’ll receive a promotional package unlike any other distributor startup package out there!

Once you’ve joined the Global Floor Safety Network team, you’ll be the only GFSN Business Owner in your region. We literally close up shop in your area once you’re signed up, so there’s no competition. This is why you want to sign up now before someone else does!

Becoming a GFSN Business Owner with this once-in-a-lifetime offer means you won’t have to worry about finding contractors to supply our products to because we direct them all right to your business! Finding clients for your new business is the hardest part of creating a sustainable company. With our unique corporate customer program, we take your worries away and deliver clients to your door!

You’ll become part of an international network without the gimmicks, frills, and hidden costs that are associated with other business franchises or distributorship offers from other companies.

We aren’t trying to make a buck off your back. Instead, we want to equip you with the tools and products you need so you can build the business of your dreams easier than ever before!

When you sign up today to become a GFSN Business Owner, you’ll receive:

• Turn-key product and equipment package
• Magnetic vehicle signs
• Tri-fold color brochures
• Logo embroidered golf shirts
• Customer demo kit
• A professional GFSN website customized for you at no additional charge.

What are you waiting for? Join the floor safety revolution today and become a Global Floor Safety Network Business Owner in your area now!


Here’s what we do to get you started:


Talk With Our Sales Professional

Receive Our Information & Do Your Due Diligence

Sign Our Exclusive Product Agreement

Receive Your Turn-Key Master Package

Come to Vancouver, BC, for Your Training
We Will Visit Your Hometown for Your Initial Sales Support


Provide Your First Month of Sales Calling for Key Appointments and Customer Anti-Slip Demos

Protect Yourself

A federal law, Bill C- 45, provides for workplace health and safety requirements and the penalties for violations that result in injuries or death.

Ask Jon Eakes

Jon Eakes "Yes I do recommend Global Safe’s product (Safe Solution®), very highly."


GFSN is a division of Global Safe Technologies Inc., the manufacturer of Safe Solution®, Clean Step™ and ProCal 21™.