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Introducing the Global Floor Safety Network

Welcome to the business opportunity that offers uncapped earning potential, be your own boss and live the dream with GFSN.

Why Choose Us?

No Royalties or ongoing residual sales fees to pay. This is not a franchise, it is 100% your own business!

HUGE profits, with ongoing residual income.

Work full-time or part-time, your choice.

Cutting-edge Anti-Slip Solutions for floors and swimming pools. High-demand products for floor safety and pool safety. Exclusive cleaning products and supplies to enhance safety measures.

Entrepreneurs Wanted

Join the league of successful entrepreneurs who have partnered with us. Unleash your potential and become independently wealthy.

What Sets Us Apart

Proven track record in the safety solutions industry. Comprehensive training and support to kickstart your business. Access to innovative cleaning solutions.

Who We're Looking For

Ambitious individuals with a passion for safety. Entrepreneurs eager to make a positive impact in their community.

Unlock Growth Potential

Ride the wave of success with a business that addresses a crucial need. Expand your venture with our top-notch flooring and pool safety solutions.

Our Clients Love Us

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Our Products & Services Include

You can rely on us to make any place cleaner and safer.
Our motto is… “Cleaner is Safer™

Traction Enhancement

Our Traction Enhancing Formulas have been documented to meet and exceed all coefficient of friction testing.

Cleaning Formulas

Proven cleaning formulas that clean and rejuvenate the toughest of surfaces. At work or home, these are the only cleaners you will ever need.

Universal Application System

Our universal application system, developed by our specialists, has been optimized to provide the best possible results.

Floor Care Safety Program

We establish an exclusive Safety Program to reduce the risk of Slip & Fall incidents and to document the efforts to limit liability.

Simple 3 Steps Process

Prepare the Floor Surface

Using our government approved Clean Step™ multipurpose cleaner, we thoroughly clean your floors prior to the anti-slip treatment process.

Apply Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment

We will professionally apply our certified tested and highly proven Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment to your floors… for a dramatic increase in traction and for your due diligence.

Your Treated Floor is Ready to Use

No cure time needed. When we are finished, your newly anti-slip treated floor will be ready to use immediately after.

Typical Projects

We have been making floors safer for over twenty years, successfully in various projects

Make Most Surfaces Safer

Our anti-slip treatment process works on most hard mineral surfaces, such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite, concrete, porcelain bathtubs, and more, and is excellent for malls, restaurants, pool decks, lobbies, patios, and anywhere a slippery floor problem may exist.

We Provide the Correct Cleaner for Your Floors

The proper cleaner for floor care safety is paramount. We recommend using Clean Step™ as your dedicated everyday floor cleaner… and for much more cleaning uses.


Excellent for Outdoor Surfaces Too

The Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment is as effective on outdoor surface as it is for indoors.

We Make Pool Decks Safer

We will dramatically reduce slip and fall hazards on pool deck surfaces and change rooms. We will also eliminate most calcium deposits throughout.

Join GFSN (Global Floor Safety Network) and make a difference while growing your own business!

Unlock Profits and Minimize Hassles

Experience the best of both worlds with our authorized dealer network. Enjoy the full benefits of profitability without the headaches and risks that often come with independent business ventures.

Cleaning machine washing the floor in a shopping mall

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